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Roselawn Business Alliance

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About Us

Roselawn Business Alliance is About...

Meeting the needs of local business leaders. 

Bringing support to the local community for positive support in both business and residential needs. 

Sharing best practices with other like-minded leaders in the regional area.

Promoting and engaging the local schools through active involvement with business leaders.

Communicating with community council for a vibrant and cohesive voice in Roselawn and throughout the City of Cincinnati.

Improving health and wellness needs for the entire community.

Our Goals


RBA strives to create sustainable employment opportunity by fostering economic development among existing community businesses, and by attracting new businesses into the Roselawn Business Corridor.


RBA will create a culture of cooperative economic development among entrepreneurs and business owners within the Roselawn Business Corridor through a comprehensive business directory. 


RBA will provide thought leadership and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses to develop an enriching and rewarding environment for growth, support and economic opportunity. 

RBA Mission

Communication | Cooperative Economics | Business Development

Our mission is to establish strong communication among business leaders within the local community, while encouraging cooperative economics and positive business development for all stakeholders. If you are interested to learn more about RBA and help the Roselawn Business Corridor grow and thrive, we invite you to JOIN today.   

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RBA meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm, except for nationally recognized holidays. Meetings are held at our offices located in the Mid-City Building. 1821 Summit Road, Suite 114, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237.

Roselawn Business Alliance

1821 Summit Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237, United States



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